Monday, November 10, 2008

Heather McNeil, Jordan Power, James Delaney

In Shakespeare's tragic play _Hamlet_, the characters and
setting have a definite somber and deathlike tone. Death
is almost an antagonist and a continued driving force in
the play from beginning to end. We are presented with an
opening of the death of the king of Denmark who then
speaks from the dead. The play continues with the inner
struggle of young Hamlet with life and death, including
his struggle with his gloomy attitude. We also are
presented with a young girl driven mad by Hamlet's
attidutinaly intricacies and eventually leads to her
self-destruction. Finally, the play ends with a general
curtain with the death of the royal family as a
foreshadowing of Denmark's coming demise. Overall the
characters speak and act with a feeling of dread that
mirrors the surrounding tragedy.

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