Friday, September 12, 2008

Micah, Jordan, Santiago, and Edward's Group

Have any of the other stories that we've read so far this term been allegorical? In general, are allegories more effective when constructed through character? Through setting? Or does it even matter?


aoliphant said...

i think the one that is most allegorical was the one we reviewed today in class. the very old man with very large wings. it seemed that it could be an allagory for the old ways of religion and its change to please the public. i think you could use either charecter or setting; neither is better then the other.

Kristen said...

I have to agree. The story with the old man with wings had so many aspects to it that if you /didn't/ take them into account, you lost almost all the meaning of the story. Of course, that means that there are a lot of ways to interpret it, but I think most anyone would agree it is centred on the religious symbolism of the man with the wings.